Changing brand expectations

Accelerate buy-in and adoption


Cochlear holds over 2/3 of the worldwide hearing implant market.

Cochlear is a global leading medical device company that designs, manufactures and supplies the Cochlear Implant. The company holds over 2/3 of the worldwide hearing implant market, with more than 250,000 people receiving one of Cochlear's implants since 1982. Mammoth supports Cochlear with visual communication, information design and visualisation, as the brand seeks to strengthen relationships with their recipients through a new service-based business model.


Turning big ideas into brilliant stories.

Expectations of brands have changed. People now buy experiences, not products. Mammoth helps Cochlear educate their stakeholders about how they can leverage the change in their world. Using the medium of video, infographics, and presentation design to explain the competitive advantages and life-changing benefits possible once they re-invent the game.


Helping pave the path of least resistance.

Creating buy-in at all stakeholder levels is complex in a multi-national giant like Cochlear. By visualising the change, we are helping pave the path of least resistance. Giving the brand’s ambitious plans the best chance for success.