Becoming an Optus Champion

Transforming a sales experience


Turning ideas into unforgettable stories.

Mammoth supports a leading loyalty marketing agency with creative strategy and execution as the agency seeks to build long term relationships with key clients. From motion graphics to presentations — we help visualise their game-changing customer experiences into unforgettable, compelling stories.


Don’t just tell them, show them.

The best way to fight resistance of a new idea is to take people on the same journey you have already taken. Turn it into a story worth telling. And as you know, the most powerful medium for storytelling is video. Utilising motion, we helped visualise a day in the life of an Optus Perks customer. Demonstrating their rise from an everyday member into an Optus Champion.


Engaged, educated and inspired.

The motion graphics video had immediate impact. Simplifying complex platforms and services into a compelling story that was easy to buy into.