Prosperity Hub

Turn an office relocation into a new way of working


Intuit believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to prosper. 

Fifty million Americans—1 in every 6—live in communities where jobs and opportunities are hard to come by. That’s why they are building Prosperity Hubs in distressed communities across the country. The first of which is in Bluefield West Virginia, and will include a Customer Success center and innovation lab, eventually bringing with it up to 500 jobs.

The Prosperity Hub program is a socially responsible sourcing model that both improves business outcomes for Intuit while providing new career development opportunities within communities in need.


Intuit Prosperity Hubs offer hope, opportunity and prosperity to those who need it most. 

We wanted to transfer this energy and feeling into the office space of the temporary headquarters while the new headquarters were being renovated. 

Transform a lifeless, dull office space into an inspiring place to work. The vibrant energetic space visually captures Intuit’s enthusiastic efforts to breath life back into a community doing it tough. 


An inspiring environment to work in to match the inspiring community being built.

The temporary customer success centre and innovation hub have been transformed from an uninspiring space to an environment that is inviting and evokes a real sense of community.